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Welcome Seekers and Lovers of LIFE!

Welcome to my Biodanza East Coast USA site!  I am happy to have you here.  If you’ve found this site while surfing the net for something else, don’t leave!  Many of my students have done the same, stayed, come to a class and have never been so grateful.

Biodanza is a wholehearted, whole body, whole spirit approach to living life more fully and creatively in connection with life….with yourself, others and the universe. It can event facilitate a better work environment for your organization!  Wow…doesn’t that sound great?  Wouldn’t you want that in your life? Or at least want to try it?


Weekly classes of Biodanza will restore your energy for life.  Sometimes we are down and lacking oomph.  Chronic stress is doing us in and we can feel it in our lack of vitality.  We tell ourselves the story we have no time to do anything but work and eat.  But when do we play?  What time do we make for fun and joy?  A weekly movement practice such as Biodanza will recharge you full of JOY and get your endorphins pumping and your other feel good hormones surging in your body creating healing and wellness.  


Weekly classes will also help you connect to your sensual self.  Connecting to your sensual self is oh so important, as the media often tells us, but are you really connecting authentically? Often times, cultural repression has forced us to block our desires, put a door up to our sensuality and turn the key locked tight so no one can get in.  Maybe your weight has also got you into a tizzy and you are not seeing the true beauty that resides inside. It’s time to turn this scenario around and embrace you for who you are!


Biodanza will slowly help you to open up the locked box and you will find that you will begin to unfold into the person you know yourself to be or the one you maybe want to become! You may even lose that weight, or begin creating things in your life that you’ve been desiring for a long time.  Maybe you set the dinner table in a very lovely way, or perhaps you will leave a class and go home and create the most spectacular painting of your life….Biodanza has a way of igniting from within the passion that resides in you!


So, we first work with loving ourselves…of course.  How can we love another if we don’t love ourselves first?  How can we create with passion without love? So, we dance, we let ourselves be free and uninhibited…to love life on the dance floor…shed tension, release stress, embrace the pure joy of being present with the music, movement and space.  No judgement, no critics.  No such thing as two left feet.  In our group class, affectivity builds as we create our community weekly.  We begin to love not just ourselves, but those who share our world.  Soon, you will see that your relationships will also bloom.


Part of the process is to just let go of the EGO and be!  That’s what transcending time and space is really about…at least in Biodanza.  It’s not some grandiose mystical experience …although it can be for some in other spaces. In the Biodanza space, transcendence is connecting to something greater than you…the Divine, if you believe, the universe, nature… letting go and surrendering to what is.  Connecting to humanity as a whole.


I hope you will come and join us for an awesome class or two.  On the East Coast, we have interesting thematic workshops and weekly classes in Maryland and Washington, DC, series classes in Philadelphia and New York City, and wherever else we can get to!  In Miami, you will find a host of classes, too.  We will even fly to you for a workshop!  

If you don’t have a movement practice in your life right now, consider what it can do for you.  You may be delightfully surprised!  And ps…age does not matter.  I have classes for kids, Moms & Tots, young people and adolescents.  Adults 18 to 80+  attend the same classes, but I can tailor some classes to fit movement requirements.  So, come on out and live your life to its fullest.


Although relatively new in the USA, over 2,500 people teach Biodanza worldwide and an estimated 100,000 embrace Biodanza weekly on 5 continents, 45 countries with 100+ IBF Schools of Biodanza.  True!!  Biodanza is widespread in the world and for a very good reason.  Come find out why!  

Michelle Dubreuil Macek
Director of the IBF Biodanza Maryland/DC Personal Development/Training Program beginning January 2014

Also, check out the LIFE DANCE LOFT website where most of my classes are held at www.lifedance.me


 Biodanza offers an accelerated healing system of human development that fuses music, heartfelt emotion and authentic movement providing a safe space for you to express your many potentials. It is a non judgemental space where all are welcome no matter age, race, spiritual tradition or sexual orientation. 

Biodanza is here to give value to your life!

Understanding an emotional issue won’t create true healing unless you also make an obvious change in how you conduct your life.  Unlike traditional dance/talk therapy, Biodanza is system that offers you a space where silence is golden (we don’t talk) and you are the true master of your internal/external expression (action) which unfolds organically in its own time as you explore weekly in the sessions.  Over time and with your presence with yourself, the space and others, you embody all of the wonderous potentials within you and and you will begin to notice shifts happening in your life.

Biodanza will open spaces for life integration…
do, say and feel the same thing and BE HAPPY

Biodanza classes meet regularly and stimulate five major human potentials:
vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence.


•increase your resistance to stress
•expand your creativity, vitality & ability to love
•feel the fullness of every moment and awaken your passion and motivation for life
•open your sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence
•tenderly integrate feelings, mind and actions
•improve your health and organic harmony
•have FUN!


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