“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   Anaïs Nin

Let Biodanza help you embrace the potential within
so that you can shape your life how you want it to flower.


Biodanza for all
To practice Biodanza you do not need to know how to dance or be able to move well because it is not a dance but a journey of personal growth that deepens its effects on the mind, body, spirit using music and movement. Each exercise of Biodanza has been designed with the goal of making us regain our natural ability to discover ourselves intact, soft, loose and in constant communication with life.

Each session of Biodanza can very easily  become a discovery of the natural beauty of your movements releasing tension and creating encounters with others.

The Encounters/Class
It is usually a structured and continuous period of  10 months out of the year, with classes lasting about two hours, weekly or at least every two weeks. The weekly course is characterized by progressivity of the Rolando Toro System, by the presence of a consistent group, and along a path woven by the facilitator according to the group at hand.

The Seminars
The Seminar of Biodanza, otherwise known as “workshop”, is a more in depth proposal of Biodanza. Normally it lasts for a minimum of two sessions and a maximum of five, from one to three days. Can be a deepening of themes discussed during the course of Biodanza weekly, or an introduction to the “Dance of Life” for groups of participants who come for the first time experience of Biodanza.

The Biocentric School of Education
The Personal Development/Training School is represented by a path of stages – with vivencial and  theoretical content – structured on the basis of precise indications of teaching that allows the student participant to acquire the title of Biodanza Teacher after a three year course, recognized by the International Biocentric Foundation , custodian of the methodology of Biodanza.    written by Prof. Rolando Toro.

1.  Come to class dressed in comfy clothes.  We dance barefoot but in the winter, you can wear socks. There are no mirrors involved.  Bring a bottle of water.  
2.  We sit in a circle first off and make introductions for new people, or chat about last week’s class.
3.  A class then consists of 12 or so “dances” or “exercises” each paired with gorgeous song that evokes the sentiment/dance desired.  The Facilitator will do a short enunciation and show some of the dance for the participants.  
4.  The Facilitator then turns the music on again for the class and each individual does his/her own thing as it comes to the body organically.  She/he does NOT talk while you are doing your thing so as to let you get into the moment and not have words or directions activating your cortex.  Biodanza is all about surrendering to the moment and letting go of thought. 
5.  We dance solo, with others, within the group throughout the evening.
6.  At the end of class, we sometimes hang out and share food or drink if people have the time.  If not, we take our good energy home and sleep likes logs….Biodanza has that effect on many among many others.
7.  So, now all you have to do is register via Paypal below at the direct link.  See you soon!NOTE:  Biodanza is a re-education of life’s instincts guided by a facilitator and as such is not a free flow of non-stop one hour ecstatic dance session.  Instead, we stress self-regulation and work in feed-back with the body and others so that by the end of the class ecstasy is acquired!  Fun and creative, in the long run, Biodanza will open amazing spaces for you to flourish.


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As an icebreaker and a quick way to break down the barriers so typical in the first days of a team building session, Biodanza has few competitors. Non-verbal, fun and interactive it goes to the heart of your team and sets the stage for cooperation and creativity by engendering listening and feedback skills. Done in groups from 10 to 100+, this creative movement system will put a spark into your event!

In fact, employees find their personal communication skills increase significantly with regular Biodanza. Over 70% of communication is non-verbal. But where can you learn these skills? Biodanza is one of the few places where non-verbal communication skills are practised and improved weekly. It essentially increases that non-quantifiable quality – personal presence.

If you would like to have a team building exercise done at your company or desire improved communication among your staff, please email Michelle with your details for an appointment so that a discussion of your exact needs can be planned and implemented.



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